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Welcome to Nillahcootie Estate located in north east Victoria on the Midland Highway between Mansfield and Benalla. Nillahcootie Estate has established a reputation for producing premium wines at affordable prices.

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The first three acres of vines were planted on the property in 1988. Nillahcootie Estate now has eighteen acres of luscious vines across the property. Varieties include Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The cool climate and close proximity to Lake Nillahcootie, allows for the production of premium wines. Lake Nillahcootie is the centerpiece of the valley. Providing a playground for all lovers of water sports, including waterskiing, fishing and sailing. Located only 200 kilometers North of Melbourne.



Nillahcootie Estate Wines
Maggie’s Paddock Cabernet Merlot 2005 Blend 65% Cabernet and 35% Merlot. In 1988, Maggie’s Paddock was planted specifically to produce premium grapes for the Estate's Cabernet Merlot Blend. Each year the grapes are hand picked when ripening has peaked, giving the winery a plentiful and quality product to work with. Successive vintages have seen an enhancement of fruit quality which ensures that our aim of producing a well balanced wine with warm berry flavours and soft acidity has been achieved. This vintage exhibits good fresh reds in colour, complex varietal fruits that display undertones of mint, blackberry and toasty oak. Rich, fruity, with soft tannins and good length. Aged for 24 months in French Oak. Alcohol 13.5% - 8.0 Standard Drinks.
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Nillahcootie Estate Shiraz 2010 Our 2010 Shiraz boasts a decadent dark red colour. The high quality Shiraz grape produces deep plum and hints of red berry fruit flavours through the wine. Whilst integrated oak and silky tannins to finish make this divine full-bodied Shiraz one of Nillahcootie Estate’s finest wines. Alcohol 13.8% - 8.2 Standard Drinks

Nillahcootie Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 This Cabernet Sauvignon is lively, refreshing and tasty. It’s dark red colouring and savoury characters make it a stand out. With fine tannin finishing notes this cheeky Cabernet Sauvignon is a fine example of the precision and care taken from vineyard to bottle. Alcohol 12.0% - 7.1 Standard Drinks

Nillahcootie Estate Merlot 2010
Our 2010 Merlot is a dark red in colour and medium bodied. Exhibiting gentle red berry fruit flavours as well as soft tannins. With minimal oak influence and some well-integrated vanillin this Merlot easy-drinking and highly versatile in food pairing. The premium Merlot grapes thriving at Nillahcootie Estate are integral in the production of this delightfully soft wine. Alcohol 13.4% - 7.9 Standard Drinks.
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Nillahcootie Estate Vineyards are located at the northern end of Lake Nillahcootie in the Upper Broken River Valley. The first vines were planted on the property in 1988 in a small three acre block known as Maggies Paddock. The most recent plantings were in 2001. The vineyards comprise of shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and merlot varieties, covering an area of eighteen acres. The total row length of the vineyard is nineteen and a half kilometers!

The vines are hand (spur) pruned during the period July to early September to remove the canes from the previous season. Bud-burst typically occurs in late September to early October and the new canes begin to develop. The canes grow at a rapid rate (up to an inch per day), with the early stages of inflorescence normally occurring in November. Flowering commences around December and two bunches of fruit are formed on each cane.

Harvest normally occurs in early April when the fruit has fully ripened and sugar levels are optimal. Cropping levels range from 2.5 to 3.5 tonnes per acre, depending upon the variety. At full production the vineyards produce approximately 50 tonnes of grapes. Picking is undertaken by hand to minimize the need for sulphur, which often must be added to mechanically harvested fruit to prevent the onset of fermentation by naturally occurring yeasts. The fruit is loaded into 500kg picking bins and transported as quickly as practicable to the winery for crushing.

The climate is cool to warm, with average July temperatures of 12.80C increasing to 31.00C in January, with rainfall averaging 960mm per year. The property has a 30ML water right which provides ample water for irrigation through the hot summer growing period.

The close proximity of the vineyards to Lake Nillahcootie (a 40,000 ML reservoir) reduces the incidence of frost and the risk of damage during the early stages of growth. Furthermore, being located in a valley orientated north/south, the vineyards experience consistent airflows which substantially reduce the incidence of fungal disease. This aids management practices which aim to minimize the use of chemicals during the growing season.

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